1996 XP exhaust question

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Kurtis J

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I got this XP last year and the motor was full of sand. I flushed sand out of the motor, exhaust and the hoses. That seems good now. There was a piece of pipe inside the rear exhaust port, the hole of the pipe and the water line hole from the bottom of the motor did not line up so nothing could drain out. I can make the hole bigger and line it up but I don't know if it will shift while riding.

My question is does the pipe belong there? Can I leave it out?
If I need it in, any recommendation on adhesive to keep it from moving?

Thanks for any info, Kurt

Not sure what that is. You should not have a metal piece of pipe like that. Where did you find it?
I pulled it out of the rear exhaust port when I realized it wasn't allowing the water to drain from the hose under the motor out the exhaust.

Seems fine without it, wasn't sure if needs to be there.
The black exhaust port seems good, no leaks. The pipe was in it when I bought it, not sure why?
I am honestly not sure if it is in there from the factory or not, never noticed one in there before.
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