1996 XP Bobber

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At around 45MPH the XP starts bouncing the front end. Trim does not eliminate this.... I can't even verify it is helping that much. LOL I have to lean over the front the get it to settle down then I can accelerate. I guess I'll get to the nitty gritty on my trim adjustment to make sure it is spot on but this thing is nasty to ride Wide Open... of course... that doesn't stop me.... LOL hints / help is appreciated.
Trim tabs and then.....trim tabs, LOL.

If you want to make your own I can get you the dimensions since I know you know your way around aluminum.
If your vts is working you should be able to stuff the bow into the water and eliminate the bounce. Or, just shift your weight forward. I'll regularly ride my xp with my vest against the bar pad trimmed all the way up and zero bounce. I'm 6'2" 250#, not uncomfortable to ride like that. Or, get trim tabs. I've never used them, I've always just shifted my body, heck even shifting your body on the edge of the seat helps.
Hey Miki... hook me up on the dimensions but I do have the R&Ds on the other XP I have. I think making the trim tabs is more along the line of a carpenter than a machinist. LOL but.... I'm sure that is within the reach of many mechanically adept individuals.

Seriously though... I'm 170 and I hang way over the bars and I barely get this thing to settle down in calm water. I trim the rear all the way down and still have the same issue. I went through the trim system and it works. I believe you set the trim bottom to 1mm from the nozzle at full down tilt. I"ll check all this but I have a friend that runs his XP in the middle setting with no issues. Weird Shiznit for sure but fun when you finally get it figured out. :D
Not being a boater these things don't look like they would do much but... LOL Like I said I have a set of R&D. To me.... the ski should work without these bad boys.

96 XP Trim Tabs (1).JPEG96 XP Trim Tabs (2).JPEG
If you don't want them I'll buy them
The picture is of the stock tabs on the ski with the problem. I checked another XP I have and those are identical so... something has got to be wrong with my set up. I put this trim together, new board and all that. button is working, dial is working and trim is moving. I need to spend some time with it.
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