1996 Speedster Rev Limiter? Help Please!

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Hi All -

Just picked up project Speedster, new to the Doo, so probably the wrong place to start! But here goes - can someone point me in the right direction on this issue? Start and idle fine, apply throttle and get to about 3k rpm and just this pinging sound and no go, both engines do the exact same thing. Not sure if it is bouncing off a rev limiter for some reason, or cavitation? New to the jet thing, so not sure exactly what I am hearing? Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you.

(having trouble posting video)
Hi Wiledy,

I'm new too this year. Welcome!

If you search the board you'll see time and time again that someone buys a boat and it runs great for an bit then they grenade the motors. Or someone buys a boat and it runs weird hard starting or lack of top end. There seems to be a common thread that the fuel systems on these boats need refurbishment.

The grey fuel lines these boats shipped with couldn't tolerate ethanol in gas and they dissolved into the carbs over time if the lines weren't replaced. Even if the lines were replaced the carbs probably haven't been touched for decades and are probably due for carb rebuild and maybe fuel pump replacement.

These two stroke motors rely on both a good A/F ratio and their injector oil to keep running well. An older fuel system that may be worn can't always provide that. To me those symptoms sound like lean misfire and you can't get more speed because you aren't getting enough fuel. To get an idea of the scope of the problem. search 3000 rpm speedster on the board.
Check your compression.

Check your sparks.

Check your lines for leaks

I believe its called the rectifier. About 20 bucks on ebay.
Yes, you're correct. That's why I asked on land or in water. If it's on land you need to put the control handle in forward then you will bypass the low rpm rev limiter that's at roughly 33-3500 rpm. Same in the water, but most people wouldn't notice it since you need to be in forward to move.
Say racerxxx, is it safe to rev the engine on land with a running garden hose in the flush port?
Thanks all, appreciate the help. I will dig into those items. Wish I could get that video to upload!

Thanks again.
Say racerxxx, is it safe to rev the engine on land with a running garden hose in the flush port?
So, you'll get conflicting answers on here about this. I'll go with this. I've been riding/working on seadoo's since the mid 90's. I do it all the time. Only runaway I ever had was with a 951 powered ski. I will not rev a 951 above 4k out of the water. Any engine smaller than that, I have zero issue revving those to 6k if I need do. When I flush my boat/skis I always blip the throttle a bunch of times to burp and water out of the exhaust that I can. But when you're flushing I just let it idle
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