RESTO 1995 Speedster Fuse issue

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So I just replaced the motor and I’ve have an issue that may be ground related not sure.

Pic1 the bolts backed out and when this happen it blew the fuse in pic2. So I fixed the issue so I thought the threads probably need a helicoil but I went test again and same thing happen but now when I replace the fuse it pops it and sparks.

Now I’m at a loss with this one.

Thanks EddieIMG_2908.JPGIMG_2907.JPG
Update I read in another thread and disconnected the red and yellow wire on the rectifier and was able to put the fuse in I connected the red wire and the fuse was still good when I connected the yellow wire it blew the fuse.
I also swapped the rectifier with the starboard side and it does the same thing. I then unplugged the mag and it didn’t blow the fuse.
Not open for further replies.