1995 GTX rotary valve and shaft

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Hello everyone, I'm putting back together a 1995 GTX with 657x engine. I've been reading a ton about this ski and I just discovered the rotary valve and shaft are missing, of course... I cant find the answer to this question after reading SeaDoo Shop Manual and studying the Parts Catalog. Are the valves and shaft on the 657 and 657x engines interchangeable? I have a 657 (not 657x) that also came with the ski and I would like to use those if they are interchangeable. Thank you very much for your time, advice and assistance.
The shaft should be the same but the rotary valve are different. THe 657X uses the 159 degree valve.
Gotcha, thank you very much. I have the part number already so I'll order. I've been reading that the engine needs to be pulled and the case needs to be split. I've never done that before so it looks like I'll be studying the service manual. Thankfully I have that other engine I could practice on lol. Thank you very much once again.
I've ordered a new 159 degree valve and complete gasket set and I'm going to make my own rotary valve shaft remover. I printed out all the procedures to remove the engine, split the case and remove the shaft. Will the shaft and end bearing come out as a complete assembly out of the 657 motor and install right into the 657x motor? More or less plug and play? Is there a tool or any other DIY tool I can use in place of the pusher tool P/N 290 876 500? Thanks.
Make sure you put a new seal on the rotary shaft and new crank seals when you have it apart.
I like the WSM complete gasket kits and do not care for the SBT or Wonderosa kits.

To remove the shaft make sure you remove the circlip in the cases then I use a Harbor Freight slide hammer to remove the shaft but a big socket and a bolt in the center to gently pull it out is better for the bearing. To reinstall get a large socket that will push on the outer race of the bearing, don't hammer on the shaft.
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