1992 XP dies in the water

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I have this ski that has been having issues since I got it.... it ran, at least a little, when I first got it, but quickly quit running. It will fire up and run with ease, on the trailer. I do not have hose flush adapter, so I do not let it run for more than a few seconds. When I back it in the water, it will run for about 15-20 secs then die. Then will not crank again, unless you bring it back out of the water. Then it will fire right back up. I do not know if this is related, but if you try and crank in the water... it will kill the battery in about 2 minutes of trying to crank. I put brand new battery in it... same thing. I guess, could have got bad apple, but...

I do know, someone in the past has moved the ground to a different location... Only reason I realized it, is because the original ground is still attached to the engine. So not sure if could have open ground somewhere zapping everything?

Thanks for any input,,,

Ok- so I guess no input on this one... but maybe I can ask for a little advice... when searching the google world, people point to the rotary valve having too much clearance, due to wear over the years. I don’t see parts ordering books that go earlier than 1996. When I search by year, and model, it brings up options on EBay for used ones... I’m afraid I will be in the same boat... pun intended... is this something any of you would try?
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