02 GTX 155 oil in hull

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I have a little fresh oil in the hull...but first let me tell you the situation.

Bought an 02 GTX 155 with 57 hours that hadn't been ran in many years.
Before I could do a real water test I had to rebuilt the fuel pump, do an oil change,
have the cluster rebuilt, change the wear ring and rebuild the pump bearings and
pull the exhaust apart and clean out the j-pipe and lines.

Took it out yesterday for the first real run and it rode great. No error codes. No warnings.
Probably on the water for around and hour or so 40 mins in the no wake zone and 20 mins
of WOT. Runs a constant 55mph with an occasional 56 mph.

Got it home and pulled the seats and saw oil in the hull. Got a turkey baster and pulled out
about 2 pints of water from the hull ( 2 measuring jugs ) and in that water was about 1/2 inch
total of oil. So really not much oil. The oil was separate from the water in the hull except at the
rear where it had mixed due to navigating some 4 foot rollers for 10 mins or so.

Where the oil appears to be coming from is a rubber sensor next to the oil filter that goes into
a casing on the PTO side of the engine under the head. Either that or the oil filter housing itself.
Maybe I crimped a seal? That area is where the fresh oil is. The oil is pooled in the castings
of the oil filter assembly. There's no sign of wet oil on the top or sides of the part of the housing
that actually holds the filter.

There is no sign of a leak between the head and the block and there's no visible water
in the oil. So I'd be surprised if its the head gasket. Its bone dry and rust/ crust free.
And like I said no error codes and ran great.

Also no sign of a leak at the carbon seal.

I removed the filter,inspected and re-oiled the seals and replaced. Then I cleaned out the hull.
The oil level on the dipstick is about half way up between the two bends which is , I think, about
where it should be.

Is there a chance I overfilled the oil when I did the oil change and it is being vented out in that area?
is that even a thing?

Also the screw in sensor in that area is bone dry- no oil on or around it.

Any idea guys? Thanks!
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