‘99 speedster single beep won’t start

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So I had my boat on the lake the other day, sucked up a few rocks, shut down started right up no issues at all. Took my buddy out on the tube for a few minutes, ran great! Opened up the back hatch to check for a water leak and there is more than usual, noticed a leak in the exhaust out of the typical welded bungs. This water was spraying onto a connection of wires, suddenly the driver side engine dies out and we have one engine to take it home, we made it and now no engines will start.

decided to take a heat gun to said connections and to my surprise both engines fired in the driveway! Started both up for 2 seconds each and now nothing but a long beep when I try to start.. what gives? Id really appreciate the help guys
I’ve read up on the forums for a few hours, but haven’t matched up the same events happening in this order. I patched the hole with jb weld, still won’t turn over after charging for a few hours. Boat ran flawlessly the past 16 hours I had it out. Any opinions?
Well, one of the reasons for a long beep is overheat. Doesn’t sound like the case here. The heat gun the way you describe it sounds like a terrible idea. Did you unplug the connections first? Could be a really good way to melt something. Wouldn’t a hair dryer have been adequate?
Make sure you didn't bump the shift lever out of neutral. Been awhile since I've done it, but believe it gives one beep when in gear and attempting to start
Yeah it was giving me the run around giving me 4 short beeps which said it was the neutral switch, this things just a nightmare. Getting a mobile seadoo mechanic on Friday to plug into it and get it figured out, thanks for all the reply’s
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