xp 787 newbie

  1. dbalayti

    1996 xp 787 Starter issue?

    Hey all, First time owner here..I recently purchased a 1996 xp 787 and I’m having issues starting. I’ve attached a video of the solenoid clicking (I believe). I’m assuming I need to rebuild the starter? Once again first time owner so I really appreciate any feedback! Thanks,
  2. keithw08

    need 96 seadoo xp 787 wiring diagram

    Hello all I am currently trying to find the problem with my skis no spark problem but cannot find a wiring diagram to save my life. Of anyone has one please let me know I'm itching to ride.
  3. G

    Getting "new" 96 XP on Friday. Any advice?

    First of all, I bought my first Seadoo (2006 GTI) a year ago and have had a blast. Thanks, in part, to what I've read on this forum, I finally bought (lake test Friday) a 96 XP for myself and I'm giving the couch to the wife and son. I just joined the forum, as I figured I would have to be a...