1. J

    Alternatives to winterizing

    I have a 2019 Spark Trixx that is new to me, as are PWC's in general. I do live in an area with a winter that can see multiple days in a row below freezing so I understand the benefit of purging water from the exhaust system since my storage is not climate controlled. I also understand that...
  2. J

    2002 Utopia 205 Winterization

    Hey, Have only had the boat for a couple of months so sorry for any dumb questions. The boat place near me used to sell Seadoo, but not now. They do have a guy that works on them on the side. He will winterize it for $200. If that is fair, then ok. But until i hear so, have done...
  3. Nike12000

    Building Stand for winter PLEASE HELP!!!

    Building Stand for winter PLEASE HELP!!! Pics included Ok guys and gals heres the deal I first bought this. It has been a blast so far but then I started thinking i'm going to need a place to store this for the winter out of the elements. I live in PA and gets fairly nasty. So I plan to...
  4. OneLastRideToronto

    Early Spring Rides / Ontario

    Hello All - Looking for groups who might venture into the big water in the Early Spring (April). I live in the GTA and itching to get out ASAP (Safely off course)
  5. R

    2005 Sportster LE DI froze and cracked - now what?

    2005 Sportster LE DI compressor cover cracked marina missed winterizing compressor and cover cracked, replaced cover and all is fine.