1. Greensam

    Reed Pedals

    Hey everyone, I'm rebuilding a silver 947 and it needs new reed pedals. The part number for the pedals are 420924612. I have a new set of OE pedals for the white motor part number 290924610. The only difference I can see is that the ones for the silver motor have 4 fingers and the white ones are...
  2. XARiUS

    Bottom end change

    Hello Gents, I got a situation where i need to replace my bottom end (scores on rotary valve plate) and found myself looking on ebay. My motor is a 720 silver motor (2001 GTI) and I was wondering if i could use a white 720 crank case, the only thing i noticed different was the pulse nipple...
  3. brobertov8

    720cc XP 1995 white smoke and rich mixture (now with videos)

    Dear All, I take some videos and pictures for the test I did today, in a few minutes ago. The Problem: The ski stills making whit smoke and a very rich mixture sound (boooooooo), as you all will can see in these videos. I did two tests: 1. Just start the engine with the oil pump cable...
  4. 9

    Wanted Seadoo 97 GTX Mirrors

    I am in need of a set of white mirrors for my 97 gtx if you could please send me the amount with shipping and a pic that would be great... Supermansclone@yahoo.com Thanks Chris
  5. 9

    Need White Mirrors

    I am in need of a set of mirrors for my 95 GTX... the mirrors I need are the ones with the 4 bolt set-up... I say this cause I have found some that only have a one bolt and thats not what I need... If you have a pair and would like to sell them to me please send me a message and we can exchange...