1. Pink12

    Wakeboost ballasts

    I am desperately seeking information on how to use and maintain the wakeboost ballasts on my PWC. I have a 2004 SeaDoo Wake edition. I’ve called SeaDoo and they put me in touch with local dealers, but none of them have worked on a PWC with ballasts. I need to know when you open and close, do...
  2. S

    Sea Doo Rear Ballast Bag

    Does anyone have this (Fly High Sea Doo Rear Ballast Bag) seadoo ballast system installed in your Challenger from the factory? I am looking for some pictures of the fill and drain pumps and how it is plumbed. Thanks for the info.
  3. B

    Seadoo Wake -- WakeBoost Ballast system

    I'm looking to purchase a Seadoo primarily for tubing and skiing to use in place of my Pro-V Fishing boat. I'm assuming that our kids will want to Wakeboard in a couple years. I was leaning on purchasing the Seadoo Wake model. Does anyone have any experience on whether the WakeBoost...