vts problems

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    Seadoo XP Limited 1999 VTS doing nothing

    Hey all, Hopefully somebody can help me out, I have just purchased a 1999 Seadoo XP Limited and it came with a dead battery. I have had it on the optimate and now its fully charged the motor spins over fine and all the dials work. My issue is when I press the VTS buttons nothing happens but...
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    95 SPX VTS Not Working

    So I'm new to the PWC world and my father and I just picked up a '95 SPX. Motor runs great and is in overall good condition except for the fact that the VTS doesn't work. Well when we started poking around we found that the VTS motor that was attached to the trim indicator (next to the...
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    98 GSX Ltd VTS problem

    The VTS (Variable Trim System) on my 98 GSX Ltd is not working at all. when i push the button down it makes a click noise and the same happens when i push the up button. could someone please help me as i dont know much about VTS and would appreciate any help with diagnostic and fixing the...
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    1994 seadoo xp vts trouble

    heres the deal... on friday i bought a awesome 1994 seadoo xp in mint conditon. all the guages work vts works it looks like its only a year old. has a new engine and overall a great ski well i took it out friday when i boutght it and everything worked great i had no problems and was verry...