utopia 205 se

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    Thinking about buying a 2008 utopia 205 SE

    Looking into buying a 2008 utopia Se with twin 155 Rotax engines. Are these boats still reliable? Is buying engine and boat replacement prices easy to find and buy? Is 120 hours on the engine a lot? I don’t know much about boats so any advice on going about looking at this boat would be...
  2. E

    2009 Seadoo Utopia Winterization

    Hi all, I have a new to me 2009 seadoo utopia and I need to winterize it. It has twin rotax 155hp. Looking for some pointers on the best way to winterize as I have never done this before.
  3. F

    Stalling/choking when pulling a tube on water. (Utopia 205, 2003, 200hp EFI)

    Hi, I have a Utopia 205, year 2003. The motor is a Mercury Optimax 200 M2 JetDrive. When cruising on water with a fare amount of people (max 8) and equipment store everywhere, all is fine. BUT when pulling a tube with a adult (175 lbs) after several minute, the motor stall/choke...
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    Summer is here! Selling my mint condition, hardly used, 2006 Seadoo Utopia 205 SE

    :thumbsup:Just in case you wanted to browse over and take a look, I am selling my 2006 Sea Doo Utopia 205 SE boat - it has around 100 hours of use, and is in prestine condition. Here is the posting if anyone is interested...