1. L. Dean Ficarro

    Cooling System Tuning, quest for knowledge. (not hard-jetting)

    I have rebuilt a GSXL (5629) and a (5845) snd i was wondering if anyone knew the effects of routing one of them like a 1997.5 GSXL (5625) would produce altered (beneficial) performance. Wether that means reliability or stabilized hole-shot cooling for B/stinger and so on… This idea would be...
  2. P

    Carb adjustment

    I have the old school bn38 round body carburetor. My problem is the seadoo will run fine with slight throttle and full throttle but at idle it dies out. The carb has been cleaned and rebuilt, the fuel pump is supplying just fine. Wondering if an adjustment is all I need. Does that one needle and...
  3. Lelandridesrotax587

    Carburetor adjustment

    So I just took apart my carb on a 1991 seadoo sp and need to know how many turns out from closed the high speed needle needs to be, and how many turns the low should be. Thanks!
  4. M

    1995 xp 720 tuning

    Any suggestions for carb settings on a 1995 xp with a 720, wsm head (180psi), and aftermarket flame arrestors? Should I be running cooler plugs also? Thanks
  5. X

    97 XP Jetting & Elevations - What elevation range is stock jetting typically set for?

    What elevations is the stock jetting on a seadoo 787 xp with the BN-40i dual carbs rated for? I am trying to figure out where to start on proper jet sizing to get it tuned in. Compression is good on both cylinders. I'm used to jetting our 2 stroke motocross dirt bikes, this is my first jet...
  6. B

    Looking for power!!

    Hi there, So in 2003 i purchased a 2003 seadoo speedster. Over the years of storage from being away the boat has just sat until 2010. I was trying to look for an owners manual somewhere so I could do the check ups and make sure everything is running fine. I have put it on the water 6 times this...