trim tabs

  1. henryb

    Speedster 200 - Ride Plates / Trim Tabs

    Just recently purchased a 2004 Speedster 200 310HP. My previous boat was a 2000 Challenger 1800 with a 210HP Mercury Sport Jet... and when I bought that boat (12 years ago)... it used to porpoise very badly, even in fairly calm water... so I immediately found some articles about a guy in...
  2. J

    2007 seadoo Challenger 180 seaweed issues

    Hello guys, just a general question for those that owns Jet Boats and are or had this issue. looking around, reading different forums and watching all the youtube videos related to this matter, I can not find the solution or may be noone has asked the question and came back to the forum and...
  3. C

    Pump wedge for porpusing

    I posted in the 2 stroke pwc forum yesterday about wedges I made for 98 speedster and seadoo xp but forgot about the boat forum. I made them mainly for the speedster cause I was having pospusing issues and didn't want trim tabs. They work great and best of all they control the bow from going...
  4. moorespeed

    Trim tab on 96 speedster

    I'm new so please let e know if I'm doing somethIng wrong. Im wanting to add a trim tab on my speedster. Due to the twin engines and reading other people's posts, I'm going to have to place it in the center. My problem is the Speedo and plug are in the way. I'm not worried about the Speedo much...
  5. S

    Bennett Trim Tabs on 2001 Seadoo Challenger 1800

    I've seen photos of the Bennett M80 & M120 trim tabs installed on the same model boat as mine but have read various versions of trim tabs affecting reverse. Does anyone know if I will loose reverse if I install Bennett M80 & M120 trim tabs on my boat?