top speed problem

  1. S

    1996 seadoo spx 717 cant get top end rpms

    Hey all, I have a 1996 seadoo spx that I picked up off a guy in nom start condition. Replaced the cdi box causing a no spark condition/ replaced the plug wires/caps. Took carbs out and cleaned out the filters/any crud. Replaced all fuel lines with ss clamps. Cleaned out fuel selector valve. 150...
  2. hockeymd

    GTR lost top speed

    My 2017 GTR 230 lost 20mph off the top speed from last year. I purchased the 2017 GTR 230 used last year. Ran great in the Summer and hit 65mph before I put it on the trailer last Fall. I had the local dealer winterize it. I removed and stored the battery inside the house (I don't like to...
  3. Brholwer

    1996 Seadoo xp surges/bogs at full throttle

    Had the carbs rebuilt last year ran perfect first time out full throttle and everything now runs fine until you pass the 45 MPH point then it starts to surge and bog it will go full throttle then back down then back up then back down etc. Any Idea on what is wrong? and is there a fix that i can...