too much oil

  1. Massseadoo

    2011 seadoo gti too much oil (burning it)

    So I recently bought a 2011 seadoo gti155 limited and i thought I got a good deal because it’s only got 53 hours on it so I went home and did and oil change and cleaned it up and I added a little too much oil and didn’t really compensate for the expansion. I just wasn’t really thinking and I...
  2. R

    787 Fuel Injected getting too Much Oil

    I have a 2000 fuel injection 787 and when I go to start it i got a couple cranks then it stops. I too the spark plugs out and they were soaked in oil. I then took the head off the motor to realize the motor was full of oil on top of the pistons. It seems everytime I clean it all out then go to...