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    1997 Sea doo Sportster stalling problems

    Hello, I recently bought a 1997 Sea doo Sportster. The boat seems to operate fine until about half throttle at which point the engines rev and the boat begins to take off, but the then it stalls out and the RPM's drop off. If you leave the throttle in position the motor will again begin to rev...
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    97 GSX Lost Thrust Whirling noise??

    Guys, I just had a new Drive shaft, Carbs, and Pump rebuilt. I took it out and she ran OK not exactly full power as she should but close. Then she started to loose some RPM's so i idled it down and the she came back up to speed. Then suddenly i loose all thrust and i heard a Whirling noise...
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    Lack of power

    I purchased a new 07 180 SE Challenger last May. It has very little initial pulling power. Tried to trade it for a Tahoe standard I/O boat and they would not take Seadoo in trade. To trade up to a 09 dealer wants $17,000, to get the newer engine, 40 HP more. I am pretty sure the HP is not the...