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    2007 Islandia - Gas Tank info

    Hi all, New to me SeaDoo Islandia owner here. bought the boat a few months ago, and it was completely full of gas when i got it. Have had several boat days and took a good long while to run it down to a 1/4 tank. Took it today to fill it up with ethanol free. The pump says i ended up putting...
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    How should I clean my fuel tank?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on cleaning a fuel tank on a 97 Sportster. Does the motor have to come out for the tank to come out? Please let me know any cleaners, methods, or tips you have for cleaning a fuel tank. There is a bunch of flaky brown stuff that's coming up and clogging filters.
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    2nd fuel tank on challenger 180se?

    hi, i am trying to add more fuel capacity to the boat and could do with some suggestions please. i want to add a 30ltr tank under the starboard aft hatch and was going to 'T' into the original fuel line but realised that the fuel pump is in the original tank. i am now toying with the idea...