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    95 Sportster MPEM Swap

    Hi there, MPEM is toast on my 95 and as you know impossible to find. I saw in another post it is possible with the 657x engine to swap an MOEM with a 95 657x PWC. Would anyone have any ideas how exactly this could be accomplished? I just purchased one off eBay but would like to make sure that...
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    2005 Seadoo GTI 720 Pipe Compatible / Swap

    Just bought my first ski. It is a 2005 Seadoo GTI 720. the tuned pipe is corroded and has sprung a hole (same spot as many I have seen). The pipe is quite corroded I would probably be better getting a used pipe on ebay. What years / models are compatible with a 2005 Seadoo GTI 720? Just...
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    Swapping 4-Tec into 2000 Speedster

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums so I am not sure if anyone else has asked this. I have not been able to find any more information regarding a swap. Basically I have a Speedster SK with the 210 Merc. I bought the boat without the motor pretty cheap. I am thinking about swapping in the newer...
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    1996 GTI 717 to 787 swap

    I am getting a 96 gti body and blown motor for free, is it possible to swap the bigger motor without major surgery?