1. pwnzor18

    Starting problems. Battery Readings? Other Suggestions?

    I have a 97 XP thats been a pain in the rear lately. It needed a new starter so i replaced it. Now it will only crank about half a revolution with the plugs in but without the plugs cranks no problem. There was a fair bit of oil in the rear cylinder that but i took the top end plates off and...
  2. S

    Tubing Accident, Need Help!

    Yes, it happened. While tubing today, the ski rope line got crossed under the ski and of course got sucked into the intake grate and tangled in the impeller, drive shaft, and other internal workings in the area I assume. Being new to owing a Sea Doo, I need help. I would have to say that in...
  3. brandon32689

    fixing up my gsx! any advice or suggestions?

    hey guys i have a 98 seadoo gsx red and purple for some reason, well i been stripping off all the purple and cleaning it up, i bought it at winter time and have been fixing up i was just wanting some suggestions i am going to post some pics to, i got the mirrors removed and holes filled and...