1. Tharealgoodperry

    2011 RXT 260 sound system

    Hey guys - last summer I came across a screaming deal on an RXT 260. I got a rica racing exhaust on it and do a couple other smaller things but I really want to get a sound system set up for this summer but I have no idea where to even start. So I’m here asking for any ideas, suggestions, or...
  2. T-Hooks180

    2011 sea doo challenger. Two 12inch subs under back seat. How do they look??

    Just had two 12 inch Boston subs custom made underneath back seats. They did an awesome job custom making a box out of fiberglass so 12s would fit in there.. and it sounds AMAZING! also just put window tint on the windows. 5%
  3. N

    Alternative 2nd Stereo Battery Solution?

    I have a 98 speedster without a factory stereo. After 2 seasons without tunes, I’ve finally decided to drop in something. I’m planning on dropping in a head unit, 4x6.5's, and a couple of 10” subs with an amp. Instead of wiring everything to the main battery, or adding a full size second...