steering nut

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    Lost steering on RXP X 260

    Yesterday I was going around a turn and the steering just went loose. No matter which way I turn the wheel it won’t turn. When I turn the wheel, it feels a little lose than before too. What can I do, and is there an easy fix? Model: 2013 RXP X 260
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    Lost Steering wheel control at high speed !

    Okay, this was NOT expected from a Seadoo RXT X AS260 2012 able to go 72 MPH ON THE WATER... The Bolt connecting the Steering wheel to the steering cable just fell off by itself... the nut with a nylon anti-loosening failed royally... Has anyone had a similar problem ? Someone would think this...
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    Broken Steering Nut - Serious Leak 2003 XP DI

    This is just for reference. I recently was on the lake and noticed my ski ('04 XP DI) rapidly filling up with water when turned off. I anchor my ski a few feet from shore, so as not to get damaged, so it is constantly in the water. Now, I am fairly new to owning a jet ski and recently dropped...