1. burtshaver2021

    97 GSX sputtering, not getting fuel?

    I purchased a 1997 GSX a couple of days ago. 134 hours, 140 and 141 pounds compression. Seen that it had the Tempo fuel lines but I couldn’t wait to get it out on the water especially since these may be the last warm days here in Ontario. I did remove all the old purple oil from the oil...
  2. H

    2011 gti 155 limited. Sputtering loss of power!FIXED!!

    Hi there first time poster. I just bought a 2011 GTI 155 limited with 72 hours. I didn’t do a water test but the seller started it up and let it run for a few minutes while on the water hose. It sounded great! Smooth idle…reved good. Seemed good! It was stored under a shed. He said he hadn’t...
  3. S

    2000 RX with Carbs... bad performance

    After not riding this PWC for 3 years had the old fuel and synthetic oil flushed and started. Basically this seadoo is brand new, but it will not run good since sitting. I flushed the fuel lines yesterday, and now top end is 45 max, still a little sputtering. I used carb and choke cleaner on...
  4. elementsk8r3

    97 XP Sputtering and Bogging Down

    I took my 97 XP out to the river yesterday and ran it. It ran great for about 3 hours and I had no problems from it. On the way back to the boat ramp it started skipping at around 3/4 throttle and eventually wouldn't even get on a plane. It idles fine but when you give it throttle it feels like...