speed limiter

  1. NPack

    New Display(?) Killed My Speed & RPM - Sounds Funny

    Hey folks, My 2007 Sea-Doo RXT used to sound very deep and throaty with a consistent low rumble; it would consistently hit ~68mph out on flat water, accelerated great, hit 8k rpms, everything was good. End of last season, I put new oil, spark plugs, and a new display in and then winterized it...
  2. 2006RXT

    Dess Post

    My 2006RXT had a Dess Post lanyard key problem, it wouldn’t always connect and run on either the learner key or the full speed key. The keys worked fine on my 2008, but wouldn’t start the 2008 because of the different codes ect. Sometimes if I tapped the post with a screw driver the 2006 would...
  3. M

    Need Help! R&R Jet Tech Rev limiter

    I have an R&R Jet Tech rev limiter p/n EPS-1556. Can this be used on a 1991 XP to replace the 3-wire rev limiter. If so, can someone please tell me how to hook it up? The instructions with it are for models with an MPEM although supposedly it can be used with 89-91 models as well. Thanks all
  4. S

    1992 seadoo sp cuts out and dies

    It started out at full throttle the rpm would fluxuate (if related to new problem) now it starts up and runs when cold then starts cutting out and dying the more throttle you give it. then it's hard to restart. I have rebuilt the carb, it has clean fuel... could this be the speed limiter acting...