so frustrated

  1. jjrey

    1995 GTX won’t run right after 30 mins

    Hey guys, new to this jet ski life! I bought a 1995 GTX, had no issues other than gauges not working, brought it home and rode it no issues for about 1-2 hours. Next weekend I take it out and boom! Dies repeatedly and has a rough time starting. When throttle was slightly engaged or fully engaged...
  2. J

    1997 Seadoo SPX

    My ski wont go past 10mph , I have done the following: Carb Rebuild: $250 Drained all Gas and changed fuel filter and hoses $$75 Replace wear ring and Impeller $200 Replaced Spark Plugs $15 Flushed The Cooling system $50 What the hell else could it be?