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    2011 RXT 260is problem

    I have an RXT 260is that recently had a problem where the intake was completely clogged with junk that got sucked up due to getting to close to some reeds etc. (had no choice as I was in a no wake narrow channel and several sheriff boats came flying through the channel at full speed, lights...
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    This xp is going to make me crazy (crazier) Shaft problems

    My kids and I picked up an old 1992 XP model 5851. I very cool ski with a rotax engine. It ran fine for a while then the shaft started to slip between the flywheel and drive shaft. I took the unit apart and found that the rubber plugs were missing from the ends of the shafts. I replaced the...
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    97 GSX Lost Thrust Whirling noise??

    Guys, I just had a new Drive shaft, Carbs, and Pump rebuilt. I took it out and she ran OK not exactly full power as she should but close. Then she started to loose some RPM's so i idled it down and the she came back up to speed. Then suddenly i loose all thrust and i heard a Whirling noise...