1. dan87951

    Making my own starter cables

    My positive and ground cables from my starter are rotted. I would like to make up new cables but don't know what lug sizes I need to buy. Does anyone know what lug size are needed? Thanks
  2. L

    2000 Speedster Stock Speaker Size

    2000 Speedster Decals I am looking for a good shop to recreate the side splash on my 2000 speedster since the are NLA. Does anyone know of any that do printing on vinyl from a digital picture?
  3. D

    1993 gtx starter

    I have a 1993 gtx that has been in the shop for almost 6 months now. The problem we are having is finding the rite size starter. i have ordered a starter for a 1993 gtx but it is to small and the ones that the shop has ordered are to small so i guess whoever had it before me did an engine swap...
  4. L

    96 challenger 787 carb needle/seat help

    Can anyone tell me what the correct stock needle and seat size is for these carbs? 1.5mm or 2.0? Also, which spring is correct for stock? Lastly, does anyone know if I can use a MityVac to test pop-off?