seat cushion

  1. R

    WTB 2006 or same model boat seat.

    I was boating one day and somehow one of my back seat cushions flew out and I didn't see. Wanting to buy just the back rest if possible but will buy the whole seat if need be. (NOT THE SEAT COVER, THE WHOLE SEAT)
  2. M

    2004 Utopia 205 rear seat cushions replacement

    The rear seat cushions in my 2004 Utopia 205 are cracked and admit water now. The parts catalog shows them as "obsolete" and can't be ordered. Meanwhile, the same cushions for the 2005 version are available, with a different parts number. They look the same in the schematic, but when I talked...
  3. challenger 20

    Looking for seat cushion-Seadoo Challenger 2005

    I need the middle cushion for back seats (bottom part only) in burnt orange.