seadoo xp 95

  1. cuenta

    Xp 95 new starting problem

    Hi I have a seadoo xp 95 model I've been having problems with starting it. WILL TRY TO EXPLAIN WHEN HIT THE START BUTTON the starter motor TURN but stops MAYBE TURN FOR 2 SECONDS and only heard the sound as the solenoid AFTER SEVERAL TIMES THE SKI START I REPLACE THE STARTER SELENOID BUT...
  2. cuenta

    a question about carbs 720.

    a question about carbs 720 seadoo xp 95 720cc I know the set up is low 1 3/4 and high 0 what happens if I open a little the high the mixture is enriched or lean thank
  3. cuenta

    seadoo xp 95 start problem

    when hit the start button nothing happens only hear one buzzer sound after hitting the button about 5 times starts strong that you feel may be failing start/stop button lanyard or mpem thank guy.
  4. cuenta

    seadoo xp 95 carb. question. low & height speed

    anyone can tell me if this is correct seadoo 720 engine carb tuning. low speed 1-3/4 HIGH speed -0 is this correct high speed leave at -0 seadoo I found this information in this web-side
  5. cuenta

    seadoo xp 95 painted the hood

    someone painted the hood could say how remove how remove the wires and gauges....
  6. cuenta

    seadoo starter motor

    I wondering if the 720 starter motor fit with the 800 thank guys
  7. marcxp95

    Seadoo 1995 XP project :reddevil:

    Seadoo 1995 XP project Hi! About a month ago I bought 2 seadoos XP 1995.. Both have different problems, but I think that i can solve a lot of problems, and if i can have some help maybe in the summer i will have ready at least one skii.. As I am new in the worl of the skiis i would have som...