seadoo hx

  1. C

    Seadoo hx exhaust manifold

    Hey guys I had a few questions, I purchased a 1996 seadoo hx works great but the exhaust manifold cracked on me and ive been trying to track one down, does anyone know if there’s any place that sells aftermarket exhaust systems or does anybody have and exhaust manifold with the part number 979 141?
  2. chrisjet83

    Hydraulic Trim System

    Looking for a hydraulic trim system for my 96 XP and possibly one for my 96 HX if one is out there. Thanks, Chris
  3. M

    Seadoo HX

    Hello guys, I just signed up to this forum. I had a question, I have a seadoo HX from 1996 a bought is last summer and it had some issues so I trying to fix her now, when I way troubleshooting o saw a button on the steering wheel what I hadn't noticed before, can anybody explain the propose of...
  4. K

    Seadoo HX Starting Problems

    Hey Guys, Im new to the forum and glad ive stumbled upon it actually as I have lots of Seadoo's so i'm quite excited to now be a member! I recently got given an old '96 HX. Since then I have cleaned the carbs, replaced the carbon ring, purchased a new battery (21amps), replaced all ground/pos...
  5. S

    WTB Seadoo HX Rear Stabilizer Platform

    WANT TO BUY SEADOO HX REAR STABILIZER PLATFORM If anyone has one they want to see please message me, will pay top dollar.
  6. HXSPEC911

    Seadoo HX Parts F/S or Trade

    I have some parts for a HX if anyone is looking.. Fuel Tower Cover Part#275 500 235 Purple/Now Black Handle bar cover Part#277 000 257 Black with foam (2)Under seat tray Part#269 00 251 Purple (2)Rear cover with mechanism Part#269 000 121 White Fuel Tank with Sending Unit Fuel hose...
  7. StayWet

    StayWet's HX Build / Resto

    Alright so I had been searching for an HX for a month now and one just magically landed in my lap. I have my brother picking it up today for me while I'm at work. Here's what I know..... "just rebuilt top end, needs rings. I'll loosely bolt everything back together so you know where it all goes...
  8. L

    sea-doo hx problems with starting

    Hi, i have a 1995 sea-doo hx and every time that I try starting it I have to spray starter fluid into the carbs. When I get it started it stays running, but as soon as I shut it off and let it sit for awhile it wont start without the fluid. I don't know what to do, any help would be appreciated.
  9. I

    WTB Sea-Doo HX UMI Steering

    I am looking for some umi steering for my hx. Let me know if you have a set for sale or know where I can get a set. Thank you
  10. I

    WTB Sea-Doo HX UMI Steering

    I am looking for some umi steering for an hx. If you have some for sale or know where or who i can goto to find some let me know. Thanks
  11. C

    96 hx fuel system problems

    We've rebuilt the carbs on this hx and carefully followed all instructions to a T. It still wouldn't run. So we thought maybe an alternate set of carbs would help. So, we cleaned up another set and put in new parts. It still won't run. The spark plugs are always wet, and no start...
  12. C

    1997 Seadoo HX Jetski Access Panel

    I'm a new owner of an old 97 hx jetski. Though I am missing an access panel/cover that is vital to staying afloat. Problem is that the part is no longer being manufactured, so I need to find on used but am having trouble doing so. CAN ANYONE HELP!!??