sbt motor

  1. E

    SeaDoo 787 RFI new engine won’t run

    I have a 2000 GTX with a new SBT reman engine and it just will not run. I checked the timing 3 times and the rotary valve is exactly right. It will start running then backfire and stop. What else can I check?
  2. H

    787 Piston Cratered - What happened?

    I have a '96 XP that I purchased in January for a project. It had an SBT motor, but the owner hadn't finished installing it yet. So I picked it up for a project ski. I finished setting up and installing the motor and I've got about 15 hours on it. It's been running great. I had also overhauled...
  3. ANDYstepan

    Videos of motor replacement?

    Hey all - Does anyone know of a video series or anyone that has documented the replacement of 787 motors in the Challenger 1800? (1999 model) Thanks so much Andy