rxp 2005 engine

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    rxp 215 2005 oversized bearings

    Hello! im new to this forum, but it already looks like a great community! i have a 2005 rxp 215, I could hear a crank bearing so inmeaditly stopped and took the crank out. im living in the Netherlands, and here a new crank with bearings costs over 1400 euros. since the crank is not looking...
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    RXP 2005 OIL Alarm on Display Engine Damage

    Hi, I have just replaced my engine chain, crank and conrod bearings, inner components of both oil pumps, gaskets, etc.... At first the RXP was working well, then I started having an OIL message on the display and the watercraft went on LIMP mode. After that, the guy that was working on it...