RXP 2005 OIL Alarm on Display Engine Damage

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I have just replaced my engine chain, crank and conrod bearings, inner components of both oil pumps, gaskets, etc.... At first the RXP was working well, then I started having an OIL message on the display and the watercraft went on LIMP mode. After that, the guy that was working on it, told me that it must be a faulty sensor, because he said that he replaced all inner parts of both pumps.. Then he connected the a ground wire to the oil pressure connector that goes below the oil filter to bypass it. When he did that, it started to show a CHECK ENGINE message and the RXP was working well.... It actually worked fine for 15 minutes and then I started hearing engine noise... As soon as it happened I turned the engine off. I am bit lost on what happened and wanted to know the following:

I only found one unconnected hose that is the ventilation hose that goes on top on the front part of the cylinder head to the TOPS Valve before the engine damage occured. (Could this have had something to do?)

What else could have caused this? and someone knows if cranks and conrod
bearings are only available in Standard measure.

Thanks for any comments.
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