1. F

    Sand in the Intake & Under the Head Cover

    Pulling the engine out of my 2000 Sea-Doo GTX 787 RFI, took off the exhaust and intake manifold and found a ton of what I think is sand in the intake ports going to the cylinders. I also took off the head cover and there was a ton of buildup and sand, which I assume came through the cooling...
  2. Gman11377

    Engine locked up? Ideas

    Ok so I have a 90 GT that I originally bought for $250. I cleaned it up and have been running and having fun with it for several years now. At the end of last season (Oct?) the starter went out on our last trip. Brought the ski home, dried it off, fogged it, and put it in a closed metal building...
  3. B

    On 3rd rusted starter solenoid...what?

    Bought a Sea-Doo Challenger with two 717 engines. immediately one of the starters Failed. I removed it and the solenoid was completely rusted so I went and bought another starter and replaced it. I ran it a few times and then put it away for winter. Came back this spring and was going to run it...
  4. T

    1996 Seadoo XP with rusty starter bendix issue

    Hello, Wondering if I could get some help on an issue I am having with my ski. I operate in brackish water and the starter nose/bendix assembly are evidently getting wet while the ski is being ridden. Once the ski sits for a day or so, the starter will spin, but the bendix will not move...