runs rough

  1. Brenman22

    NEED HELP 1996 GSX Wiring Issue

    ***SeadooRunningVideo*** NEED HELP With My 1996 GSX! I think its a wiring issue but not 100% sure. New to all this. There's a video of it running and you can see the RPM's jumping around running rough and i'm not touching the throttle and it just dies on its own. So what happened is i was...
  2. S

    RXP X 2008 gray smoke poors out the exhaust, barely running

    Gray smoke pours out of the back, engine running very rough, kill switch doesn't shut the engine off now. - New spark plugs - Compression 122-125 across the three cylinders - New gas - Oil change - Run well previous weekend, till I put potentially bad gas in it - I just bought the...
  3. P

    Need help with inherited 96 gti seadoo bombardier

    I got a seadoo from my father inlaw when he passed. It just made a clunk when I tried to start it. I have never worked on engines or owned a seadoo. So I took manifold off, took out starter, cleaned all connections, got water out of engin, put oil in sparkplug holes, ex. I finaly got it to fire...
  4. R

    Rx Still running rough

    Fires Right up, Runs at about 1100 rpm on trailer and 900 in water, replaced ignition coils, plugs, cleaned raves, compression was at 135 i think, i don't remember the exact numbers but they were fine, Smokes out the back a lot, Cleaned carbs, rebuilt jet pump, new impeller. i'm to the point...
  5. R

    Wiring Diagrams... 2002 Sea-Doo Rx Carb bogging down

    I have a 2002 sea-doo Rx Carb model. I was on the water las weekend and it just bogged down and wouldnt go above 10 mph at full throttle. It has spark. We cleaned the carbs and replaced coils. and spark plugs. Now we are looking for wiring diagrams for it. Where do you guys get your wiring...