1. tonydiato

    Remove 07 GTI SE top Cover

    I guess I need to remove the black top cover in order to tighten 4 screws to hold down the steering column. The bottom two are loose. I noticed there are few rivits holding this in place. Do I drill these out? Can I just replace these with just screws? Do I also need to remove the Center...
  2. D

    LCD display 155se 2010

    Hi everyone! I m Danilo from Italy. I m an happy owner of a 155se from 2010. I bought it with broken display that I need to replace now. Can you tell me how can I do it. Is it easy to do by myself? Do I need to breake and replace the rivets? Thank you for helping me!
  3. chevyguy

    How to remove trim bumper for access to leaking seam?

    FINALLY found where my leak appears to be coming from. Way in the back right corner of my 93 spx seadoo. Can't see the exact spot from the inside (need to remove the buoyancy foam, but I assume it is from the hull seam (possible winter freeze separation?) How do I remove the trim bumper for...