1. adambwhitten

    1999 Seadoo Challenger 1800

    Hey there! I recently purchased a 99 Seadoo Challenger 1800. I'm in total restore mode. Does anyone have recommendations for aftermarket gauges? The boat needs a lot of cosmetic repairs. So if you guys want to post links below, that would be great! Not only looking for gauges, but also...
  2. Kwik_uk

    RESTO Unforeseen FULL resto on a 99 GTI. Picture heavy!

    TL;DR I bought a crappy GTI, now it is not a crappy GTI. So, a 1999 GTI pops up on eBay. My dad calls me about it and says it would be a fun way to get my other half into watersports, as shes a bit scared of driving my Sidewinder. Went to see the item, listed as "Works fine, just has a high...
  3. B

    RESTO 99' GSXL Red/Black/White

    Got this project at the end of the summer last year. It needed a new motor, a computer, and a resonator. Finally started on it this year and it is nearly finished. And as always we covered it in stickers. Isn't finished yet because the computer needs to be keyed. Which should be getting done...
  4. A

    Australian SeaDoo 1800 Rebuild/Restore

    First of all G'day, Love the Forum! Its already been a big help and inspiration. Bought the hull with water damaged engines for what feels like way too much but remember stuff down here coast more. Pictures speak louder than words with things like this.
  5. P

    Backrest Removal

    I am restoring a 2000 SeaDoo Islandia and I need to get the seating backrests off the boat to get them reupholstered due to the fact that they are badly sun-faded and cracked. I can not find any way to get to the hardware inside the hull. Does anybody know how to get theses off?