1. kilgorekb

    Need interpretation of fuel baffle float ohm test results

    1) Grounded out the fuel gauge. Gauge read Full. 2) Removed float. Float has fuel inside. 1 magnet has lost its zinc? coating, but it's still a magnet. 3) Performed resistance test with fuel-filled float. Set multimeter to 200 Ohm. 3a) Float at bottom = 00.1 3b) Float 1 inch from...
  2. G

    97 SPX MPEM and lanyard switch Q

    I am suspecting my MPEM is dead but I am still holding out some hope that I don’t have to spend $$$$ to get a new one. I bought the boat used and it ran fine on the lake during trials. Get it home in the drivewayand had trouble starting it with an inability to get the 2 beep code(was...