1. T

    Speaker delete in 96 Seadoo Challenger

    Hey guys, I picked up a '96 Challenger and the speakers are shot in it, also didn't come with a deck. I'm not crazy about installing a big system as I've run into issues with killing the battery in the past and that was with boats that had alternators instead of charging coils. So I was...
  2. Nichlas

    RXP X 255 How to remove 'engine housing'

    Hi guys, Bought a RXP X255 model 2010 couple of days ago. In Finland it is winter right now and plenty of time for testing and learning I noticed the trim is not working and the fuse goes off right away when trying trimming. Changed the fuse and the new one went off right away. So I assume...
  3. D

    97 Speedster Console Removal

    I am trying to remove the console (dash cover) on my 97 Speedster in order to paint it. The hinge holding it on has a combination of rivets and bolts. Also the the wires for the tachs and speedo run to harnesses inside the console and the harnesses cannot fit through the grommets/holes in...
  4. P

    Removing backrest cushion assembly

    I am trying to restore a 2000 Islandia and I have the get the backrests off the boat to get them reupholstered. Any Ideas how to do this??? I do not see any way to get to the nut and washer inside the hull.