rebuilt 787

  1. rhonus

    compression - depression

    Looking for some advice to cheers me up!! I have rebuilt my engine from my GSX and couldn't get it to start. Turns out the compression is 50. No I didn't miss the 1 of 150. It is 50 and it drops to 0 on both cylinders. When I stop cranking. As I mention in a previous post I put the ski in...
  2. B

    2003 GTI LE RFI won't start in water

    I have a 2003 GTI LE RFI that is hard to start in the water. Just had a complete rebuild of the engine(787), new starter, new battery, etc... Starts fine out of water but once in the water after a 5 or 10 minute run when i go to restart it fires but won't start. We then find that if i lift it...