1. BMoreE

    Flushing on an Angle

    I'm considering putting some wheel runners on my wooden boat ramp on the Potomac (salt) so that I can avoid trailering the ski every night in the summer. I'll just crank 'er up, provided the tide doesn't get too low, like we do with an outboard runabout. However, this means that when I do the...
  2. R

    Ski module can't get me out of water

    I was wakeboarding last night and trying out my new ski module on my GTX Unlimited. It couldn't pull me out of the water even on the highest ramp setting. It wouldn't get the boat's hull up and out of the water in time for me to get up. Does anyone know if the ski module can be adjusted for...
  3. O

    Green Lake - 70 Mile House BC

    Is anyone familiar with this lake? I've visited it a few times, and will be taking my challenger up there next week. Not familiar with on the water hazards and especially, where do I launch and fill up on gas?
  4. N

    Silverdale/Bremerton WA

    Just moved to Silverdale WA and looking for places to ride/launch my PWC. Any info would be appreciated...
  5. shamski

    Van Versus the Ramp

    OK, picked up my new (new to me anyways) boat on the weekend, and its tow vehicle will be our 2003 Grand Caravan with 3.8L and tow package. Towing my new baby, 2003 Sportster 4Tec, to home and around ... not a problem. Where there was an issue the one day was the ramp. Left a little burning...