1. scottozy

    One fine day Australia

    Example of some good video edits. NuvFHLMs0bQ Credit for this and previous video to Stephen B, Australia.
  2. scottozy

    Had a great ride at Redcliffe Queensland today.

    Check out my video. Its perfect conditions. Let me know what you think.http://s1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc386/scottozy/?action=view&current=Redcliffe4-6-11greatjetskiday.mp4
  3. Geokep

    Its Warming Up Here In The Land Down Under

    Well Was a Great night out @ river fire in Brisbane. it was warm enough just to wear shorts and shirt and as we got back to the Ramp it started to rain what a great night the dump and burn was fantastic last year for the F111's, the fire works were great. Will put some photo's if any one has...