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    2001 Seadoo Sportster LE - 951cc - Should I buy?

    Found a pretty clean 2001 Seadoo Sportster LE with a single 951cc engine nearby. Seller has mentioned it needs work on the top end. From what I've read about 951cc's here that almost assuredly means the bottom end will need some work. Seller has title for both sportster and trailer. Bench seats...
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    purchase price on new 2012 180 Challenger SE?

    I am considering pulling the trigger on a new 180 Challenger SE, with ski tower, 255 HO engine and galvanized trailer. Price is listed at $27,120. From my research, the MSRP is #30,699 and the invoice is at $25,659 (these are w/o the galv. trailer upgrade, all the info I could find). What do...