1. retrooper

    Impeller Shaft Seal application change

  2. 1

    1996 Sead GTX Propulision problems

    Hi, I just bought two 1996 GTX Seadoos. I took one of them out on the lak on Sunday and it ran good for about 20-30 minutes. I was able to get it up to full speed. After I felt comfertable on the seadoo I started making a S patern in the water / fish tailing the seadoo at a slow speed. The...
  3. R


    My '04 GTX started fine and idled forward fine, but as soon as I started to accelerate, the engine would rev but there was no forward acceleration (and there was huge vibration coming from underneath). Looked up the intake grate and found a small piece of wood lodged. Removed it and everything...
  4. G

    Xp limited propulsion system for sale

    I have a 97 or 98 Xp limited 951 pump. Has good oiled bearings. impeller spins freely, all it needs is a new wear ring.then its good to go! This is all factory parts. I m asking $135 shipped or make a reasonable offer Send me a Pm or contact me 228-217-5078...