1. PolarCelsius

    Wear ring contact with prop for GSX 787

    My wear ring makes contact with my factory prop, the prop is in slightly questionable shape with some rugged edges here and there, I sanded them down for the most part The prop has a small but noticable gap between itself and the wear ring for most of the 'clockface but at the 5-o'clock...
  2. B

    Prop Compatibility Question 1994 Seadoo SP

    The reference chart shows a 1994 SP has a 140mm aluminum 18.8 prop... Would a stainless steel 11/24 140mm prop (#271-000-458) work? I guess a better question is; "how well will it work" considering it will fit fine and technically "work".
  3. L

    New wear ring!

    whats up everybody? i got my 95 xp running and this thing will fly! i know i need a new wear ring and im going to order a OEM one and im gonna go ahead and get a new prop while im at it. my only question is do i buy a OEM prop or a Solas, and if so what pitch? thanks alot!