1. xintersecty

    IBR vs No IBR

    I am seriously considering the spark. IBR is about a 700 dollar option at my dealer. So should I buy with or without. Internet debate begin!
  2. B

    Just purchased a 2000 SeaDoo Sportster LE... Was it a good deal?

    I paid $3000 for a 2000 SeaDoo Sportster LE this past weekend. Came with a trailer and SeaDoo brand cover. -- 130hp - new motor 3 years ago -- new impeller -- new sleeve -- new battery -- guy added a depth finder -- stereo already installed (although not a very nice one) -- gas gauge...
  3. Molotok

    What is it Worth - Price Check Thread

    Hi! I have been searching to see if this forum had an official Price Check thread, to keep the spamming of these types of threads down, and didnt find one. I know im new, but, if the mods could please Sticky this thread, and direct all people asking "Whats it worth?" "Price check on XXX?" "How...
  4. S

    98 XP - what would be a good price?

    I have found a 98 XP for sale. It has an all new engine, prop, and looks to be in good shape. What would be a good price range to be paying for this ski if everything else is ok? I know there are not a lot of details here so I will be calling the seller to ask the standard questions along with...
  5. R

    Purchasing Advice, used, long storage seadoos

    I am new to the whole world of Seadoos. I have the opportunity to buy two 2002 gtx's for 4500. Is this a good price or too much. They are in great cosmetic condition. The only issue is that they have been in storage for several years. Probably three. The owner says that they don't start. Could...
  6. mgmjr12

    Pricing question

    Realized I need a larger 3 seater....need to off load my 2000 XP. However, I'd like to bounce pricing ideas off the Forums. 2000 XP Low Hours. Hull in good shape. Few minor wear and tear. VTS works, and serviced this year. 2 Brand new keys made this year. Registration through...
  7. L

    How much should I get for my xpl if i sell it

    :confused: I have a 1999 xpl I would like to know wat it is worth. It is bored out to 1051 ,pro-x pistons, miller head, water injection,2deg wedge, solas impeller, R&D ride plate and intake grate, jetted carbs, after market air cleaners,sponsons , i removed the sound baffle. This jet ski leaves...