premix conversion

  1. Tayloreks2021

    Help with oil injection delete

    Hey everyone I got a 2000 gti and Im thinking about deleting the oil injection and yes I would rather the motor be safe. I know you have to cap the pump and the injection inlets but i was wondering about the 1/2 inch tube that comes out the bottom of the motor back to the oil tank can i just cap...
  2. RogerS

    Going Pre-Mix !

    I decide to remove the oil injection pump and go pre-mix... even with all recommendation to keep it . I cant be sure if is mixing the right amount of oil... I tested the pump and I dont think is very efficient... also i felt the spring to be very weak... Also i noticed my piston and sleeve to...
  3. J

    1995 SeaDoo Speedster Direct injection to premix Question

    First , let me thank all the readers , commenters and Moderators of this Forum. You guys really have an intimate knowledge of these machines. My question is , how would I know if my ( new to me) used 95 Speedster(Twin Rotax 657's) has undergone the direct injected to premix surgery ? What are...