poor performance

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    93 GTX rectifier issue?

    First, thanks to all the folks who post info here, I can usually solve all my seadoo issues with your help. last year I had issues with the ski running very poorly. I traced it back to a bad rectifier and replaced it quite easily and it ran great after that. After about 15 hours, I...
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    2004 gti le rfi

    I have a 2004 gti le rfi that will fire right up when cold. After 5 or 10 minutes of riding it will start to bog and have poor acceleration. If I shut the machine off I will have to crank it for a very long time before it will start. Is there a way to pull codes without a buds set up? I just...
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    poor perfomance and exceleration need help

    i have a 2008 see doo challenger. we jst got it last summer in july and used it almost every weekend and never had a problem with it. it was running great right before we had it winterized for the winter. when we pulled it back out for the first time this year it had a lack of accleration, top...